Wednesday, November 19, 2008

charlie brown up date、、、、


Hei Girls,
Up date on Charlie Brown、、、
He is still behide McClintock with little over 500 votes, and 30,000 ballots yet to be counted. He and his opponent are in DC to attend a weeklong orientation for incoming freshman Congress members.
Awkward isn't it? hope Charile wil prevail.
Can't wait for you guys to come home next week. lol mama
I took these pictures this morning while I was running.


  1. GO CHARLIE! I'm really impressed with the pictures you're taking with your camera! Looks very good. Can't wait to plan brunch with you. Like mother like daughter!

  2. Hey Jude,
    FYI, the bridge leads to Fair Oaks village. We run from fish hatcheries to under Sunrise Bld Bride, about 8 miles. I agree we are two peas in a pod, ha ha
    lol mama